[click here] John Hospers 1972
He wrote our Statement of Principles and had already written what was to be his campaign book, which has a very slightly revised edition as of 20̷13. He and his running made earned an electoral vote. Toni Nathan's electoral vote was both the first received by a woman and the first received by someone of Jewish ancestry.
[click here] Roger MacBride 1976
Heir to the literary estates of Laura Ingalls Wilder and Rose Wilder Lane, he was producer of Little House on the Prarie and in 1972 cast the first electoral vote for a woman (the previous LP ticket). His strategy was to focus on western states, and was on the ballot in 32 states.
[click here] David Bergland 1984
His campaign book, Libertarianism in One Lesson entered its ninth updated edition in 20̷0̷5. He was on the ballot in 39 states.
[click here] Ron Paul 1988
Yes, he really was a big L libertarian for a while in addition to being one of the most well known little l libertarians. He was on the ballot in 46 states.

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