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Use this disc

You can help spread the branding -- and stand out from the pack of Demopublicans -- by using this disc to create materials for your own candidacy for partisan office.

Form your own Political Action Committee

Create materials for Libertarian candidates. Arguably the best way to systematically support individual candidates is through PACs. PACs can fearlessly play favorites, even before nomination, something state parties need to eschew. Pick top of the ticket races, broadside races, or even help out targeted races that may have a serious shot at electoral victory. Let your budget, taste in candidates, and paid for by strategy guide which candidates and how many you support.

In most situations, more PACs and more people can support more candidates. If you can barely get signs made for one or two candidates in an election cycle, that's still one or two candidates who would not have had signs at all.

Make our candidates visible!

Donate to Signs of Texas Liberty PAC

We pay no salaries and our expenses are fixed. Everything beyond our expenses gets put into signs and possibly other party-building promotional materials. ...And the occasional table paid for with in-kind contributions for that specific purpose.

Troubleshoot this Disc

What problems have you had using this disc? Do you have ideas for improving it? Do you even have ideas and might be willing to make submissions towards our sixth edition? Do you have a better idea for a workflow for our Anguis lettering? Can you help with graphical issues that we seem unable to solve? Is there something completely different?

Submit Designs and Tutorials for Future Editions

It is hoped to get the next edition completed sometime in 20̷15. We could use more ready to use signs and buttons. Have ideas but lack the skill set to create the vector artwork? Email a description. Got the skills and would like to spread the knowledge around? Describe how to screen print a hat. Or simple things that might trip up a beginner. Or how to use software that isn't even mentioned here. Or Web development. Or strategies for using materials. Or something else altogether.

Want to join or actively help us?

Signs of Texas Liberty PAC is a federal political action committee, and may work to promote candidates outside of Texas, although federal candidates appearing on the ballot in Texas are where we spend most of our time looking for candidates to support.

Another thing we can always use help with is picking out good broadside level races to make more visible. Note that our historical solution -- unconnected and unauthorized -- doesn't work well with buttons, which work best when the candidate is not in violation of statute by handling them and passing them out.


If you approve of this disc and might be able to put it to use, or even if it simply got your attention, your financial support would be very greatly appreciated.

If you're online, you can donate by clicking on the button below. Many thanks!


Contact us!

Send an email to and include SIGLIB DISC in the email subject line

Or snail mail to:
Signs of Texas Liberty PAC
624 W. University #276
Denton TX 7620̷1-1889

And remember we have a web site:

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