28 June 2014

Photo of table at 2014 national convention
We have a table in Columbus Ohio! At our table we have buttons, laminated signs, laminated and corrugated dashboard signs, and our fifth edition resource disc, our best version yet.

We also have examples of our signs for three candidates this election cycle: Hugh Chauvin, Max Koch, and Ed Rankin, Junart Sodoy and a Wes sign from 2012, plus a volunteer labor Jon Roland sign from 2008.

Our resource disc, first handed out at the 2006 LP Texas convention on the border of Houston and Humble TX, includes logo presentations, ready made signs and buttons, sign and button templates, tutorials, fonts, color and typeface specifications, and reference examples.

If you're unable to pick up a copy in Columbus (or we've run out), you can access it online here.

Also, Gary Reed of the Dallas Libertarian Examiner just wrote an article about us!