2014 Libertarian National Convention and Examiner Article

Photo of table at 2014 national convention
We have a table in Columbus Ohio! At our table we have buttons, laminated signs, laminated and corrugated dashboard signs, and our fifth edition resource disc, our best version yet.


Also, Gary Reed of the Dallas Libertarian Examiner just wrote an article about us!

State Convention Table a Success

Our first table was at last weekend's convention of the Libertarian Party of Texas. Our newest revision to our sign template was well-received, and we were contacted by multiple candidates interested in using our template for their own signs.

New Web Site

Working on a new web site in preparation for the upcoming election season. While it's mostly working now, it may have some moments of difficulty.

Intended new features include a feature spot and a very long overdue donation button.

Dashboard Sign

With several counties out of Libertarian Party signs and an already exhausted stock of the Wes signs we printed last month, I have created a smaller and less expensive sign. It can be mounted on an H stake, stapled vertically to a wooden stake, or even put in a car dashboard.

Wes Sign

With the SLEC not authorizing any more state party signs this year, I have created an update of the Wes Benedict sign design. The statue logo is the original version and larger, and the problematic slogan that the SLEC selected several years ago is replaced by one that Arthur Thomas and I worked out:

Economic Freedom -- Social Freedom

Junart Sodoy for US Congress

Junart Sodoy is a candidate for the 16th US Congressional District around El Paso.


Betsy Dewey for US Congress

Betsy Dewey is running for the 25th US Congressional District that stretches from Travis County to Tarrant County.


Logo Update

After years of searching off and on for a complete version of the classical statue logo before someone oversimplified and shortened it in the second half of the 1990s, I finally found enough to create a long overdue vector reconstruction.

This version is far more richly detailed and has a taller aspect ratio.

Matt Solodow for US Congress

Matt Solodow is running for the 12th US Congressional District, which includes Wise County, Parker County, and much of the Eastern half of Tarrant County.

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